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Bonus Episode No. 1: A Mutual Seduction - Steve Fishman's Empire on Blood

A big announcement about the future of our show, plus a conversation with prize-winning journalist Steve Fishman, host of Empire on Blood, a new seven-part true crime drama from Panoply. 

Released March 28, 2018

Bonus Episode No. 2: Josh Ritter's Electric Dissatisfaction

Producer Jayson De Leon talks to singer-songwriter Josh Ritter about the ways his music influenced Season 1 of Family Ghosts. PLUS: Another installment of Wild Card Wednesday, featuring bonus audio from Season 1 storyteller Jill Chenault.

Released April 25, 2018

Bonus Episode No. 3: A History of Mischief - Malcolm Gladwell on Storytelling

Producer Jacob Smith sits down with best-selling author and Revisionist History host Malcolm Gladwell to talk about his signature approach to storytelling, finding ideal interview subjects, eggplant parmesan pancakes, and much more. PLUS: Sam's friend Nick discovers the meaning of life on this week's installment of Wild Card Wednesday.

Released May 30, 2018

BONUS BONUS: Click here for the full version of Nick's Burger King story.

Bonus Episode No. 4: Telling Our Stories To Ourselves with Tayari Jones

Producer Veralyn Williams explores the vitality of black women telling their own stories with Robin Boylorn (Crunk Feminist Collective) and Tayari Jones, author of An American Marriage. PLUS: On this week's installment of Wild Card Wednesday, Sam drinks root beer in a terrifying mansion.

Released June 27, 2018

Bonus Episode No. 5: Mark Pagan's Manual Transition

Season 1 storyteller Mark Pagan shares a new piece from his podcast Other Men Need Help. Plus: on this month's installment of Wild Card Wednesday, a poetic reflection on one of the characters from No Brown Spots.

Released July 25, 2018

Bonus Episode No. 6: Keeping the Wounds Raw with Thi Bui

Producer Jennifer Lai talks to graphic novelist Thi Bui about using intimate, personal stories to talk about big questions, the delicate art of interviewing family members about the hardest parts of their lives, and the intersection of those challenges in her memoir, The Best We Could Do. PLUS: on this week’s installment of Wild Card Wednesday, a quick trip to the Pastures of Heaven.

Released August 29, 2018