Family Ghosts

~ Season Two ~

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As part of our production process for this episode, we recorded new takes of Kirya’s songs about her family - but, as you probably noticed, the versions you hear in the story aren’t the full tracks. You can hear the complete recordings below - and, in the case of “Come Home,” a different version of the song. These recordings feature Kirya Traber on vocals, Emma Alabaster on bass and vocals, Ashley Phillips on guitar and vocals, and Ariana Kala Brame on drums.


Learn more about the Love Family 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Love Family, the following resources might be of interest. 

It Takes a Cult - a documentary by Eric Johannsen, whose parents were members of the Family. Click here to watch.

Counterculture Crossover - Rachel Israel’s memoir about growing up in the Family. Click here to read.

The Love Israel Family - a history of the Family by Charles LeWarne.

Photographs from our reporting trip